Monday 26 June 2017

PICS: 10 of the best-dressed dogs at the New York City Halloween Dog Parade

Helena Horton

Even if you're not a huge fan of Halloween, this dog parade in New York will get you feeling seasonal. Every year, there is a dressed-up dog party in Tompkins Square in NYC.

People put huge effort into costumes and turn up in their droves to celebrate Halloween.

Some of the dogs looked excellent - and a lot were dressed up as Donald Trump.

1. This amazing, fluffy ghostbuster

Who ya gonna call? #ghostbusters

A photo posted by Betty Tsang (@bettytsangphoto) on

2. Here is one of many Trump dogs

Best family costume hands down #halloweendogparade

A photo posted by Prynlada Ruangkao (@prynlada) on

5. Harry Potter

7. A pope

9. A kissing booth


Omg @gina_moyer #halloweendogparade#kissingbooth

A photo posted by @badgirl_cc on

10. The Joker


The Joker. #nyc #joker #halloweencostume #halloweendogparade #dogsofinstagram #hahahahahahha

A photo posted by Lauren Pilon (@lrpilon) on

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