Tuesday 6 December 2016

Meet Kevin, the cat who can’t help looking permanently surprised

Published 19/05/2016 | 13:38

PIC: theadventuresofkev Instagram
PIC: theadventuresofkev Instagram

Kevin the cat was born with a condition that leaves him looking permanently surprised.

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The friendly feline has hydrocephalus, which is fluid on the brain, and he was not expected to survive beyond 6 months.

However, a veterinary nurse found him a car park when he was just a few weeks old and took him in to her home - he's now four and flying.

His owner Tailah told LoveMeow.com that hydrocephalus "is a serious condition and can impact sight, hearing and brain function. Kev is a total characteristic of this as he is (not completely) blind and deaf and to put it gently... he's very 'special.'"

As he's almost blind and deaf he does "get spooked easily" which may go some way to explaining his expression, although Tailah reckons he's a happy chappy.

Kev has his own Instagram account - theadventuresofkev - and has accumulated 11,700 followers.

You want to wash the bed sheets mum? Yeah, I don't think so..

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

What it must be like to spend the day inside that little head..

A video posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

Playing with his Marty Mouse- his very first toy!

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

Goodnight everyone! love, Kev

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

My mama stumbled across a gold mine of my baby photos last week!! #babykev

A photo posted by Kevin (@theadventuresofkev) on

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