Friday 24 March 2017

Australian man attempts to get video of him eating a sandwich to 1M views

Can we help him reach his goal?

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

An Australian content creator is running an experiment to see if he can get a video of him eating a sandwich to 1M views.

Australian YouTuber 'Friggin' Boom' is trying to get the short, simple video to a million views in order to prove that YouTube is more about the promotion than the content.

Explaining the motivation behind the experiment, he wrote:

"This video was an attempt to test what gets more views; good content or good promotion".

The video of him eating a sandwich for two minutes has already racked up over 17,500 hits.

"I make lots of other videos on my channel that I don't really promote that much, but put effort into. This video took NO effort, but I promoted the absolute sh*t out of it and it has WAY more views than all my other stuff".

"I guess when it comes to Youtube, don't bother about good content, just put effort into shameless promotion".



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