Friday 24 March 2017

Albums: Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts ***

Eamon Sweeney

Eamon Sweeney

It's been said that there should be a picture of Sonic Youth in the dictionary alongside the definition of the word perseverance. In addition to redefining the parameters of guitar rock with weird alternate tunings, playing the fret with screwdrivers and a wonderfully willful attitude, frontman Thurston Moore has been tipping away at a solo career, which isn't quite as noisy as the day job.

Beck handles production duties on Moore's fourth album and this canny collaboration between these two straw-haired alternative demigods works very well in places.

Opening track Benediction sets the stall with a violin acoustic affair that is the antithesis to Sonic Youth's distortion.

The violin becomes a little overdone come Circulation and the overall tone is a little too flat.

While it's interesting to hear Thurston dabble in other sonic waters, it lacks the urgency and brilliance of the exceedingly high standards that he has set for himself.

Burn it: Benediction; Blood Never Lies; Mina Loy

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