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The Digital Edition: One Month Free Trial

Get a one month free trial of the Digital Edition plus 50% off your second month

Published 22/07/2015 | 15:43

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Success in Business is about being one step ahead. To celebrate the Irish Independent being a proud sponsor of the Pendulum Summit, we are offering you an exclusive one month free trial of the Irish Independent and Sunday Independent Digital Edition plus 50% off your next month; a saving of €30.

Click here to avail of your trial or here to avail if you have registered with us before.

With the Irish Independent Digital Edition, you can enjoy all the sections, supplements and analysis of the printed newspaper product but on your iPad, mobile or laptop. It is laid out exactly like your favourite newspaper, except complimented with a variety of digital tools. When using it on a mobile device or on a desktop, it will automatically download each day’s edition of the paper for you, including all it’s supplements and magazines, in a cleanly layout and easy-to-read manner.

What's more, you make a huge saving on price, while enjoying your news delivered directly to your device each day, no fuss, no hassle.

Why should you choose the Digital Edition?

It's Sunday. The coffee is brewing gently on the stove, the morning radio is humming in the background and you sit idly at your kitchen table. The next step might be to open the pages of your favourite newspaper, and begin the anticipated ritual of immersing yourself in intriguing interviews, the latest political agendas, sporting analysis or the opinion pieces from your favourite journalists.

Imagine you could get your newspaper delivered with the touch of a button? That you could store all your favourite stories in one small space, saving them to read later? That you could browse from section to section with ease, while still getting all the perks of a printed newspaper with your news in one clean package?

With the Irish Independent and Sunday Independent Digital Edition, you can save money, time and effort purchasing your paper everyday. You can ensure your paper travels with you no matter where you go in the world, and read it with ease.

How much will I save?

If you sign up to our free trial, you will get your second month for half price and save €30. Even when you begin to pay normal prices, you are making a huge saving in comparison to buying the printed product.


Annual Subscription Mon-Sun: €160 (A saving of €630 per year)

Monthly Subscription Mon-Sun: €19.99 (A saving of €40 per month)

After your one month free trial, you will be charged €10 for your second month, and then €19.99 a month after that, unless you cancel your subscription. Although we do ask you for your billing information, you can cancel at anytime before your trial ends by emailing epapersupport@independent.ie., ensuring you don't pay anything if you don't want to.

Ok - but what's really so special about it?

It's your newspaper, but better. If the fact you can read your newspaper and supplements on mobile, tablet, e-reader or desktop, on five devices at the same time and in 15 different languages is not enticing enough, you can also get the news read to you with our audio feature. So sit back, plug your earphones in and relax.

Interested to see what your favourite journalists have written about, or a certain topic in the news? Use our handy search tool to find what you are looking for. See a special article? Make sure to download it and save it later, for printing or emailing to a friend.

Browse through the newspaper pages with our scrolling option at the bottom of the screen, and zoom and click into the articles you want to read.

What's the difference between the Digital Edition and Independent.ie (website)?

Sometimes you want the news to come to you. You want to be able to browse at a leisurely pace through a cleanly laid out design of all your favourite news stories. Sometimes you just can't beat a newspaper. And with the Digital Edition, you get the best of both worlds.

Any more Questions?

If you have any queries or questions related to the Digital Edition, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing epapersupport@independent.ie.

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