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Friday 22 September 2017

US government shutdown threatened -- again

Philip Pilkington

The US government has been threatened with shutdown for the second time in two months, this time over Republican opposition to disaster relief for Hurricane Irene victims that is not offset with other spending cuts and Democratic opposition to proposed subsidies for fuel-efficient cars.

Once again the debacle focuses on how much the government should be spending.

Lawmakers voted down a bill to keep the US government temporarily funded by 230-195.

Some Republicans voted against it because it set a limit on government spending of $1,043bn, which they believe is too high.

The Republicans had previously tried to pass a bill to cut $24bn in spending but this failed to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate.

This comes soon after Republicans said that they would not engage in any high-profile fights with Democrats after they have had perceptions tarnished among voters over being irresponsible.

The passage of the bill is required by October 1st in order to keep the government funded until November 18th.

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