Sunday 1 February 2015

Pictures: World's most valuable brands


Apple kept its top spot as the world's most valuable brand in 2012, according to research by Eurobrand. Its brand value has jumped by 44pc to more than €100bn. Photo: AP
Coca-Cola remained the second most valuable global brand in 2012, with a value of almost €60bn. Photo: Reuters
Microsoft was the third most valuable brand in the world at €54bn. Photo: Getty Images
IBM pipped Google to fourth position, with a brand value of €53bn. Photo: AP
Google was pushed down to fifth position in 2012 from fourth place last year, with a brand value of €50.6bn. Photo: Getty Images
Cigarette maker Philip Morris International jumped from tenth position to sixth, with a brand value of €48.3bn.
Procter & Gamble, maker of consumer goods such as Gillette razors, has a brand value of €47.1bn.
McDonald's slipped from sixth position to eigth, with a brand value of €45.8bn.
Consumer goods giant, Johnson & Johnson, rose to ninth position from 11th last year, with a value of €44.7bn
Telecommunications business, AT&T, slipped from seventh position to tenth place, with a value of €44.5bn

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