Saturday 24 June 2017

Greek reforms on track, €3bn aid to be disbursed - Moscovici

Pierre Moscovici
Pierre Moscovici

Reforms carried out by the Greek government are on track and its creditors will disburse the next €3bn instalment of its aid program, European Economics Commissioner Pierre Moscovici told French radio this morning.

"Greece has done a certain number of reforms, and we are going to give them money, €3bn in all," Mr Moscovici told Europe 1 radio.

"And in the course of November, December, we will deal with the issue of the recapitalization of Greek banks and Greek debt," he said.

"The Greek situation is on track as long as every one plays their part, which means carrying on with reforms for the Greek government, and having a constructive attitude for its partners,” Moscovici added.


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