Monday 25 September 2017

Video: First glimpse of GTA V official gameplay

Tom Hoggins

WE were told Grand Theft Auto V was going to be big --purportedly enough virtual acreage to fit in the maps of Red Dead Redemption, GTAIV and GTA: San Andreas-- but being told doesn’t quite prepare you for the sheer scale of the thing.

And this is a just a small chunk of brushland, a speck on a map that, for the first time in the series, is completely open to you from the very beginning.

In order to negotiate such a geographically immense game-world, GTAV will feature three protagonists.

The man that just threw himself out of a helicopter is Franklin, a repo-man providing the muscle for a dodgy Armenian car dealer.

Franklin is the youngest of the three characters, a thrill-seeking party boy that loves base-jumping and street racing.

Animated with a laid-back swagger, Franklin recalls San Andreas’s Carl 'CJ' Johnson, a cocksure teenager from the wrong side of the tracks looking to make his way in the world any way he can.

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