Friday 26 May 2017

Three of the best futuristic gadgets for business in 2017 home security drone home security drone
Vayyar Imaging Walabot 3D
Razer Valerie

Last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas unveiled some of the top technology we can expect to see affecting our professional lives in the coming 12 months.

Vayyar Imaging Walabot 3D

Tech Vayyar Imaging.jpg
Vayyar Imaging Walabot 3D

For anyone in the construction trade, this may turn out to be a useful accessory.

This attachable 3D-imaging camera smartphone can see through a few inches of plaster or brick to detect broken pipes. Vayyar also touts it as being useful for medical professionals to help detect conditions such as tumours in patients.

Razer Valerie

Tech Razer Valerie.jpg
Razer Valerie

You can never have enough screens. Proving this point is Razer’s Valerie, a high-powered laptop with two fold-out screens. The result is a portable PC that, when it is fully extended, boast three high-definition 17-inch screens.

Vayyar is positioning this as a gaming laptop, but it’s not hard to see it being hugely useful for financial traders or product designers. home security drone

Tech home.jpg home security drone

It’s the logical corollary of robot assistants in our homes and businesses.’s new security drone will respond to weird noises in your office or home at night and initiate its own flight pattern to go and investigate. Its high definition camera records and streams to your phone via the cloud, so you won’t have to confront whatever the noise was.

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