Monday 5 December 2016

This rechargable smartpen spells success for Equil

Equil Smartpen Price: €150 Rating: ***

Published 10/05/2014 | 02:30


Smartpens are a little like wearable fitness gadgets. You initially adopt them with tons of enthusiasm but often relegate them to some storage drawer after six weeks.

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The idea behind Equil's rechargeable Smartpen is that a small computer on the pen records what you write (on any paper), digitally transferring the notes for perusal on a phone, tablet or PC (via a cloud app). A back-up programme can even attempt to translate your scribbles into editable text.

So far, so good. The problem is that my writing is just too poor (and too fast) to be reliably transcribed. And because it won't translate into digital text, the notes are of very limited use to me. This may not be the case for other users, however: if you have a neat hand and still take lots of notes using pens, this might be worth a go.

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