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The top 300 apps: your guide to the best for smartphones and tablets

Adrian Weckler's definitive guide

Published 17/10/2013 | 04:00

Ten years ago, they didn’t exist. Now they run our lives. From games to music, photos to lifestyle, apps have transformed our phones from walkie-talkies to travelling wallets and encyclopedias.

But with over a million apps to choose from, where does the ordinary Irish smartphone user start? Which apps are essential and which are rubbish?

Here, I’ve picked the best 300 apps for the Irish smartphone and tablet owner. These include games, music, health, education, business, money-savers, best-for-kids and lots, lots more. You’ll find great apps here for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets and every sort of popular mobile device. You’ll also find lots of free apps with some value-for-money apps.

So if you’re new to the world of smartphones and tablets and are looking for an authoritative guide to the best starter apps, read on.

Top 300 apps: 8 beautiful tablet apps 

Top 300 apps: Communication 

Top 300 apps: Education 

Top 300 apps: 3 all-round essentials

Top 300: Food and restaurants 

Top 300: Games 

Top 300 apps: Health and beauty 

Top 300 apps: Holidays

Top 300 apps: Kids 

Top 300 apps: Media, radio, podcasts 

Top 300 apps: Music

Top 300 apps: Money and security 

Top 300 apps: Notes and planning

Top 300 apps: Photos 

Top 300 apps: Productivity 

Top 300 apps: Protect kids 

Top 300 apps: Reading ebooks 

Top 300 apps: Reference

Top 300 apps: Shopping and bills 

Top 300 apps: Social media

Top 300 apps: Sport and outdoors 

Top 300 apps: Travel 

Top 300 apps: TV/movies

Top 300 apps: Useful utilities

Top 300 apps: Work tools 

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