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Saturday 20 September 2014

The ten best touch-screen gadgets


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iPad A cross between a smartphone and a laptop - and much more besides - the iPad was described by Steve Jobs as a technological "game changer" (although he would say that, wouldn't he?). Already a big seller in the US, it's available here from the end of April. Price: TBC
Pure Digital Sensia Radio The screen of this high-quality digital radio allows listeners to view and interact with programmes and podcasts through an easy-to-use interface. Online apps and wi-fi access to your own music add a new dimension to radio, making it actually... wireless. Price: £218.17
Sony PRS 600 Less pricey than the iPad but with the touch-screen technology that allows readers to "turn" pages with a finger (unlike the current Kindle model), the Sony PRS 600 is a good bet for an all-round ereader. Carries 350 ebooks, with a battery life of approximately 7,500 page turns. Price: £238.49
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