Wednesday 28 January 2015

The ten best iPod docks


1. Best when space is no object
Harman Kardon Go + Play Micro:
It's big but it's portable (lift it by its stainless steel arch). It's simple to use: plonk an iPhone in, press play. As you'd expect from Harman Kardon, the audio is great: powerful bass and a wide sound. Deeply impressive.
Around €350
2. Best for chic sounds
Vita Audio R2i:
This latest and most accomplished version of Vita Audio's excellent DAB/FM table top radio has an integrated iPod dock on top (though iPod shuffles and other MP3 players are welcome to connect round the back). There's a choice of veneer and lacquer finishes. Sounds great, looks even better.
Around €350
3. Best for blow-the-budget buyers
Arcam rCube:
It may be pricey but the sound justifies every penny. Two solid speakers offer strong bass and balanced sound that's big enough to fill a sizeable room, even on battery power (up to eight hours between charges). It can stream music, too.
Around €582
4. Best for music on the go
Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2:
The audio on the Pure-Fi is strikingly good - clean and punchy ? and when you press the XL button it's suddenly wider and even more impressive. It's perfect for taking wherever you go thanks to its carrying case and international plugs.
Around €116
5. Best for low budgets
Exspect TIMESpeaker dock:
Wake to an FM radio, buzzer or a song from your playlist. There's a cunning app which means your iPhone looks like it's part of the clock. It works with the iPhone 4, 3G and 3GS as well as the iPod touch.
Around €58
6. Best for the sound geek
Orbitsound T4:
Another highly portable option, the T4's side speakers fire sound outwards so it's great wherever you're standing. There are DAB and FM radio tuners, plus if you have a wireless broadband network it can stream internet radio stations, too, so it's pretty versatile.
Around €175
7. Best for iPads, too
iLuv iMM747 iPad speaker dock:
This dock works with an iPod or iPhone, but it'll look a bit puny as the iMM747 is designed for the larger iPad. It charges as it plays and you can watch videos on it ? though it sits in portrait orientation and movies favour landscape format.
Around €110
8. Best for waking up to
Roberts Sound 66:
This DAB/FM radio and iPod dock has particularly strong sound and multiple alarms so you can wake to a buzzer, the radio or your iPod. There's a remote control if you can't even be bothered to reach out of bed to switch it off.
Around €175
9. Best for small spaces
JBL On Stage IIIP:
Don't be deceived by the small, doughnut-shaped On Stage ? directional speakers send music in all directions and it sounds bright and clean, though bass is not its strongest suit. Its looks are neatly understated and it's easily portable.
Around €70
10. Best for hi-fi lovers
Sony MX750Ni Micro Hi-fi iPod dock:
This powerful micro hi-fi has a DAB/FM radio tuner, CD and WiFi capabilities so you can stream music from your PC. Plus, there's an iPod dock and an adaptor for the iPhone. You can even play back MP3s from a USB memory stick.
Around €385

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