Tuesday 21 October 2014

The ten best iPod docks


1. Best when space is no object
Harman Kardon Go + Play Micro:
It's big but it's portable (lift it by its stainless steel arch). It's simple to use: plonk an iPhone in, press play. As you'd expect from Harman Kardon, the audio is great: powerful bass and a wide sound. Deeply impressive.
Around €350
2. Best for chic sounds
Vita Audio R2i:
This latest and most accomplished version of Vita Audio's excellent DAB/FM table top radio has an integrated iPod dock on top (though iPod shuffles and other MP3 players are welcome to connect round the back). There's a choice of veneer and lacquer finishes. Sounds great, looks even better.
Around €350
10. Best for hi-fi lovers
Sony MX750Ni Micro Hi-fi iPod dock:
This powerful micro hi-fi has a DAB/FM radio tuner, CD and WiFi capabilities so you can stream music from your PC. Plus, there's an iPod dock and an adaptor for the iPhone. You can even play back MP3s from a USB memory stick.
Around €385

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