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Tuesday 23 September 2014

The 20 best computers


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Apple MacBook Air: The most desirable, most portable, best-designed laptop on the market. It's exceptionally thin, 19mm at its thickest point. It's pleasingly light (1.3kg) and has a large, bright screen. It's not cheap and the processor could be faster, but it's tremendous, thanks to a comfortable keyboard and large trackpad to guide the cursor. Plus, like all Apple Macs now, it includes Boot Camp software so you can Instal Windows on this machine, too, if you must. The Mac operating system, though, is more intuitive and accessible. Comes with a regular 120GB hard drive, though a pricier option with a 128GB flash drive is also available. Where: Apple (0800 783 4846; How much: from £1,271 (around €1,374)
Sony VAIO VGCLV1S Desktop PC: Sony bills this as the ultimate all-in- one PC, and its 24in screen is big enough to double as a decent television, too. And since it has a TV tuner you can use it to record TV as well as watch it. The huge 500GB hard drive means that you can save quite a few episodes of Mad Men, too. Similarly, the Blu-ray drive means you can play high-definition movie discs. Like the iMac, this is a desktop PC that will turn heads with its design. Where Comet ( How much £1,272 (around €1,376)
Acer Aspire Predator G7200 (Ranger) Gaming PC: Funny, isn't it? Dress up a computer case with a cool hinged door and suddenly you've got a sexy system that is begging to be snapped up. Gaming PCs are the most advanced, costing more because of their high-quality graphics and video cards, not to mention fast central processing units. So this complicated-looking machine has lots of memory, a fast hard drive and liquid CPU cooling so that however hot things get for your onscreen character, your computer stays temperate. Display extra. Where: PC World ( How much: £1,299.99 (around €1,400)

From the daddy of desktops to a netbook that’ll nestle in your handbag, David Phelan selects the season’s hottest hardware

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