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Monday 24 April 2017

Tech the halls with the best gadgets

Vodafone's Smart Prime 7
Vodafone's Smart Prime 7
Garmin Vivomov
Lumix GX80
Panasonic TZ10
Playstation VR
Roberts R100
Samsung Gear 3
Sony MDR
Nike Watch
OnePlus 3T
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

Our technology editor picks his top 10 gizmos of the year

1. See life swirl around in 360 ­degrees


Samsung's Gear 360 (€499, Argos) lets you film and photograph with 360-degree coverage thanks to its back-to-back wide-lens cameras.

2. Net box resurrect the radio star


The Roberts R100 (€349, Power City) internet radio not only connects to any radio station, but also to other speakers around your house.

3. Smartwatch that doesn't make you look like a robot


Garmin's Vivomove (€179, Argos) cleverly disguises its hi-tech connected fitness features under the shell of a classically-styled wristwatch.

4. A big camera squeezed into a compact body


The Lumix GX80 (€600, Conns Cameras) is a seriously good semi-professional, multi-lens snapper in a much smaller casing.

5. The best Android phone you can get


The new OnePlus 3T (€440, is considered the best new phone on the block with loads of storage and power.

6. Pet sounds at a ­reasonable price


Sony's leather-clad MDR-XB950BT headphones (€140, Littlewoods) give good sound with an extra bass boost for a lot less than premium cans.

7. Apple gets sporty with high-end health ­smartwatch


Apple is going for runners and swimmers with the Nike customised version of its latest waterproof, GPS smartwatch - the Watch Nike+ (€449, CompuB).

8. Put yourself into a gaming Matrix


Sony's PlayStation VR (€399, Smyths) is the full virtual-reality experience for those who already have a PlayStation 4.

9. The best point-and-zoom snapper out there


Panasonic's TZ100 (€649, Camera Centre) fits a big sensor and a huge zoom into a small body for pin-sharp photos from a long way away.

10. The cheap smartphone that outperforms its price


It's no iPhone 7, but you won't feel you're using one of the cheapest 5-inch phones on the market with Vodafone's Smart Prime 7 (€99, Vodafone stores).

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