Wednesday 29 March 2017

Watch teens reaction to Windows 95 - it's older than them!

Daniel McConnellNicola Anderson

windows 95
windows 95

Windows has been around for a long time so those Fine Brothers decided to confront some teenagers with a very old system

Yep, Windows 95 is more than 20 years old, which means a whole generation of people have been born since it first stumbled onto your local desktop. It's old and this is the internet so naturally those Fine Brothers thought it was time to put some teenagers to the test.

Here's what happened when Teens Met Windows 95!

The size of the computer is the first thing that strikes them all, and we have Apple to blame for the fact that they all think turning on the monitor is enough - those gorgeous shiny all-in-one Macs have destroyed our youth! They also learn lessons about how the internet used to be (slow or utterly non existent) and get some lessons in physical media.

We actually think Windows 95 seems pretty recent... that's a whole other issue.

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