Sunday 11 December 2016

Watch self-parking office chairs at work!

Paul Mallon

Published 16/02/2016 | 12:01


Nissan has taken the technology it uses to help drivers park their cars and created a line of office chairs which will automatically tidy themselves away

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Is your office floorspace often cluttered with discarded chairs? Well with new technology from Nissan a simple clap will clear them away.

No this doesn't require the skillset of Mary Poppins, instead the car company has worked on including its self-parking tech inside a range of office chairs. A simple clap is enough to get them moving back to where they should be. It's pretty weird and you can see a video below!

They look a bit like doddery Daleks which have been on a diet but it seems to work, and they'll also trundle along with a passenger as well. It looks like the tech is working in a lot of different scenarios, and sensors on the base work with cameras mounted in the room to steer clear of any potential hazards. Of course, if our office chairs have a mind of their own, its just going to be so much easier when the machines inevitably take over but at least you'll be comfortable for the upcoming apocalypse.

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