Tuesday 26 September 2017

Twitter Discover lets you find and share your first tweet


Mark O'Beirne

How did you introduce yourself to Twitter's userbase? Twitter's Discover page lets you easily find your very first tweet and share it.

As Twitter celebrates its 10th anniversary, it’s an interesting time to look back at the history of the platform itself and how its users have used it.

Twitter’s Discover page lets you easily find what your, or anyone else’s, first tweet was. Many people are underwhelmed by how they announced their presence on the site, but it’s an interesting experience nonetheless.

If you have a suitably impressive, mundane, or embarrassing first tweet, you can tweet it once again from the Discover page. What notable accounts will you check first?

Irish football fans may want to look away. The first tweet from the Independent.ie’s Twitter account comes from 2009 after FIFA rejected the FAI’s pleas for a replay of the infamous World Cup play-off against France.

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