Friday 24 February 2017

Turkish Airlines wants to fly you to Gotham City

Paul Mallon

Batman v Superman
Batman v Superman

Turkish Airlines has a major new route, whisking you away to the bustling streets of Gotham city for a trip you won't forget

During the Superbowl last night, Turkish Airlines announced a new route which takes you from wherever you are to one of the most exciting cities on Earth - Gotham.

Check out what you'll find there in this Superbowl spot.

It's a neat advertisement for Batman v Superman, and even features what might be entirely unique footage featuring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. We're not totally sure that audiences are into this kind of cross promotion but there's no harm in extending the reach of film advertising into other avenues, especially as one of the biggest movie events of the year draws closer.

Gotham doesn't necessarily seem like the safest place to visit either...

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is in cinemas in March 2016.

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