Friday 21 July 2017

Thomas the Tank Engine invades Fallout 4

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Paul Mallon

Fallout 4 is already pretty big and scary but nothing has prepared you for what is coming - thomas the little blue tank engine!

Fallout 4 is a huge and amazing game and it's getting even more impressive on PC thanks to the ongoing efforts of teams of modders who are fiddling with everything from the graphics to the dialogue systems. The latest addition might be the best yet.

A fellow called trainwiz, who clearly has chaos in his heart, has implemented this change which replaces all manner of things in Fallout 4 with Thomas the Tank Engine. And we're not talking just a few enemies, you can also find his hollow eyed stare flying out of rocket launchers.

Witness the glory here.

It's pretty horrifying stuff, imagine hearing that eerie toot as you wander the wasteland alone at night...

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