Saturday 25 February 2017

This cat dating sim is a real game

Paul Mallon

purrfect date
purrfect date

If you've ever wanted to get some experience of what it's like to date a member of the feline race, this game is for you

There are a lot of very strange indie games out there, and sometimes they're about dating in unusual circumstances.

Like Purrfect Date. It's about dating cats.

So there's no information here at all about what format the gameplay will take. Presumably there will be cats that look a bit like these ones and you will rock up to them and engage them in awkward conversation - while being a human who wants to engage in romantic times with the aforementioned feline.

There's also some wandering around an island to make it seem like there's more game to the whole thing, because that makes it all slightly less creepy. Anyway, these two English people are looking for support on Steam Greenlight now. You can vote over here, and it's already halfway towards being accepted. People love cats we guess...

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