Saturday 10 December 2016

The Division lets you tweak graphics settings on console

Emma Clark

Published 29/01/2016 | 11:57

The Division
The Division

Whether you're playing The Division on console or PC, you'll be able to tweak certain graphical settings to your liking.

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Xbox One players got early access to The Division's beta and found one interesting touch; you can actually tweak the game's graphics on console.

It's not as customisable as the graphics options typically afforded to PC players, but it's a start. Xbox One players have been able to tweak two graphics options.

Players can turn Chromatic Aberration on or off. It's on by default, giving the game a rougher look, designed to mimic the effect of a film lens. Players can also adjust the "sharpen image" slider, which affects the level of anti-aliasing used to clean up jagged edges.

Digital Foundry says that setting this slider to 75 results in a clearer image; any higher results in a white halo effect on edges.

The Division's beta arrives on PC and PlayStation 4 today, so players will be able to check out what graphics options are available to them soon.

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