Sunday 11 December 2016

Survey reveals percentage of staff that would sell passwords to outsiders

Mark O'Beirne

Published 22/03/2016 | 17:05


A survey has found the percentage of employees that would sell their password to outsiders, some for quite a low sum.

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The weakest point in any security system is any user involved. It doesn't help when users are willing to compromise systems by selling sensitive information, such as passwords, to outsiders.

A survey, commissioned by SailPoint, found that 16% of employees would sell their password. Of those surveyed who admitted they would sell their password, around half would do it for £700 or less.

Employees are also happy to share their passwords with co-workers. Around a third said that they shared passwords with in-house colleagues, which increases the chances of passwords ending up in external hands.

Also worrying for employers is that 65% of respondents said that they share passwords across applications. This is up from 56% of respondents last year.

The survey indicates that businesses need to teach employees about best practice when it comes to passwords. And that's without the survey even asking how many employees use 'password' as their password.

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