Wednesday 23 August 2017

Superhot in real life presents problems


Daniel Anderson

Superhot is a great concept for a game but imagining how it works in real life comes with its own set of unusual problems

Oh boy did we like Superhot (our review) - the first person action game where time only moves when you do. It's a simple idea but it creates a million tiny action set pieces, where you can plan your next movie and basically come out of it feeling like Neo. Unless you make a mistake, and go back to the start again.

As a game, it's a huge amount of fun but imagining what it would be like in real life presents its own unique problems. They're brought out in a pretty hilarious short from the folks over at Rocket Jump as this one dude has the powers of SuperHawt.

Check it out.

It's a fun idea and really well put togther, and doesn't make the cardinal short-film mistake of sticking around for too long and spoiling its concept. Better still, it really makes us want to play Superhot again!

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