Wednesday 25 January 2017

Self driving car pranks unsuspecting granny

Daniel Anderson

Published 15/04/2016 | 07:00


The self driving car revolution is on the way and it's going to be good for many things, including pranking unsuspecting drivers

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Tesla cars are out there on the roads, and they feature some pretty amazing technology called auto pilot which allows them to get along with driving without any interaction from the person at the wheel.

That self driving technology is set to revolutionise every part of the automative business - from personal trips to freight and any kind of long distance driving. And as it's still a pretty new concept it's also perfect for pranking.

Here's how this guys granny got on with her first taste of Auto Pilot.

She actually seems pretty upset, right until he touches the wheel to take control of the car back. Maybe we're not quite ready for the future of driving just yet.

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