Thursday 23 March 2017

See new $5 billion Apple campus in drone vid

Daniel McConnellNicola Anderson

apple campus 2
apple campus 2

Apple is building their campus of the future in Cupertino, California and this video shows the scale of the UFO like structure

Apple is building a truly gargantuan new campus, just a mile away from their existing building in Cupertino, California. And this new drone footage shows off the incredible scale of the structure - which will house 12,000 employees and cost an estimated $5 billion.

Yep, it pretty much looks like a UFO with a graceful curve around the entire building. The project was first started by Steve Jobs in 2006 and suffered many delays down through the years. Jobs last public appearance in June 2011 saw him unveil the final plans, which were being put to the Cupertino City Council. It's set to be 2.8 million square feet and will have enough room for 3,000 people in its cafeteria - we're guessing lunches are going to be staggered. There's also a 1000 seat auditorium and it's own orchard. Obviously.

The campus was set to open in 2016 but it seems increasingly unlikely the first employees won't be on site until 2017.

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