Sunday 26 March 2017

PlayStation VR already sold out on Amazon

Daniel McConnellNicola Anderson


The PlayStation VR only just went up for pre order online and stock has already been exhausted on major retailer Amazon

The Sony PlayStation VR isn't set to release until October 2016 but that doesn't mean people are waiting to buy them. As soon as pre orders went up for the new system on Amazon across Europe they were instantly sold out.

The units don't even have an official street date, just a vague month at the moment but shoppers weren't risking missing out on what could be the future of entertainment. The Amazon stores in the UK, Germany and France sold out in minutes so that users could guarantee delivery on the day of release. Another batch was released in the UK with Amazon won't be able to deliver on the same day as release.

At the time of writing there are still some pre orders left on so if you're planning on stepping aboard the virtual reality revolution you'll want to get your credit cards over there stat!

The PlayStation VR launches in October 2016 with up to 30 games and it will all be played through your existing PlayStation 4 console along with two PS Move controllers and a PS Eye camera, with a total cost of a little over €400.

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