Sunday 11 December 2016

PlayStation 4 NEO specs leaked

Mark O'Beirne

Published 19/04/2016 | 09:42

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

A report has been released that says that the updated PlayStation 4 is codenamed NEO and reveals its expected specs.

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard names like PlayStation 4.5 and PlayStation 4K given to the as-yet-unannounced updated PlayStation 4. The latest report indicates that it’s codenamed NEO and there are even specs to go with it.

The specs have been confirmed by several of Giant Bomb’s unidentified sources. The NEO will allegedly feature a CPU with 8 Jaguar Cores at 2.1 GHz (compared to the PS4’s 1.6 GHz), an improved GPU, and improved RAM (8 GB GDDR5, 218 GB/s compared to the original’s 176 GB/s).

Interestingly, the report also states that every PS4 game released from October will need to ship with a ‘Base Mode’ and a ‘Neo Mode’. The NEO will apparently be able to output a 4K image, so it won’t be necessary for developers to make their games 4K native.

Sony is yet to announce an updated PS4, but it looks likely that it will have news to share at E3 this summer.

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