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Friday 23 June 2017

Patent outs Nintendo's new fitness peripheral


Mark O'Beirne

Nintendo is reportedly working on a new fitness peripheral; it's unclear if this will be released for the Nintendo NX or the Wii U.

Nintendo has filed a patent for an unusual looking fitness peripheral.

The U-shaped controller features motion and temperature sensors as well as traditional buttons. The patent reveals that the connecting section is held facing the user, and that the two grips can be brought together.

One diagram showcases functionality that mirrors a grip strengthener, while another shows a user performing a squat.

Nintendo’s Wii Fit helped get people more active. It has looked at health and fitness since, but is yet to make an impact. In 2009, it announced a heart rate monitor that would clip onto a user’s finger, but cancelled it in 2013, while it announced a sleep tracking device in 2014, but quietly scrapped it earlier this year.

It’s unclear if this particular fitness peripheral will be a part of the upcoming Nintendo NX or if it’s linked to the Wii U. Even at that, there’s no guarantee that it’ll see the light of day.

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