Sunday 22 October 2017

LG G5 'Magic Slot' battery add-on revealed in leaked photo


Emma Clark

The LG G5 allegedly features a Magic Slot that allows users to swap modules in and out. Today, a photo leaked of a battery add-on for the G5.

LG will show off the LG G5 at Mobile World Congress and while we previously heard about its hardware add-ons and accessories, we've just gotten a glimpse at a removable battery add-on.

This modular battery add-on is rumoured to include a 1100mAh battery as well as physical buttons for a variety of camera functions. It, like other hardware add-ons, can plug into the G5's "Magic Slot."

The Magic Slot, according to The Verge, lets users swap modules in and out. LG is expected to announce a range of photography and audio modules. One rumoured accessory has been designed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen; it adds a DAC (digital to analog converter) to the G5 to improve its sound quality.

LG will unveil the G5 at MWC on February 21st.

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