Wednesday 29 March 2017

Instragram now won't link to Snapchat

Daniel McConnellNicola Anderson


Instagram has been changed so that links in your bio will no longer work when connecting to Snapchat and Telegram services

If you've got a link to Snapchat in your Instagram bio, which quite a few people certainly do, it's not going to work anymore. That's because the Facebook owned photos sharing service has decided to block that particular website.

The move will also stop people from directly linking to Telegram, so that fans won't be able to follow them directly on either of these services. It is suposed to be a way to stop folks from spamming users to come and join them, but can also be seen as a way to ensure that rival platforms aren't being advertised on Instagram.

For example, links to Facebook still work - which isn't at all surprising seeing as the social network owns Instagram - but you can also easily deeplink to your Twitter account, Linked in or something like Taken this way, it seems like a pretty blatant move to stop people moving onto a different platform, which was exactly what Telegram thought when they noticed the change.

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