Wednesday 18 January 2017

Insanely fast skateboard breaks Guinness World Record

Daniel Anderson

Published 01/03/2016 | 10:55

electric skateboard
electric skateboard

An electric skateboard and a rider with nerves of steel has broken the Guiness World Speed record in serious style

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Skateboards can't go that fast right? How about 60 miles an hour? And that's on a flat road...

Technically it was 59.55 mph, a new world record set by Mischo Erban in Slovenia on an airplane runway using a ridiculous skateboard called a NEXTboard. It has four engines and it controlled by a remote. Here's what happened when he tried to break the world record for electric speed.

We're big fans of how the video starts with him falling off and sliding for quite a distance in pretty spectacular fashion, all while the skateboard itself takes off alone for pastures new. Almost 100 kilometers an hour standing upright on a slim retangle is pretty insane stuff, and the board itself looks like it will be commercially available in the near future, so you too can injure yourself while travelling at speed on something most people would use for a dinner tray.

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