Friday 22 September 2017

Hailo Ireland lists most common and unusual items left in taxis


Emma Clark

Hailo Ireland has released results from a recent survey of taxi drivers in which they listed the most common and unusual things left in taxis.

Hailo Ireland released the findings of a survey of taxi drivers and, perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile phones are the most common item left behind in taxis.

32% of the 530 drivers said that mobile phones were left behind. Other frequently forgotten belongings include umbrellas (19%), keys (14%), glasses (10%) and hats (7%).

We're quite forgetful as a nation, it seems. 86% of drivers said that people leaving items in a taxi occurs monthly. 12% said it happens weekly and 2% said it happens daily.

Drivers were also asked about the most unusual items left behind. The list included a cooked chicken, a box of lobsters, a signed Pink Flyod Album and false teeth.

You can see the survey results on the Hailo blog.

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