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GTA Online gets new Every Bullet Counts game mode

Emma Clark

Published 09/12/2015 | 10:35

GTA Online
GTA Online

Rockstar has added a new game mode to GTA Online called Every Bullet Counts, which is a free-for-all mode with limited ammunition and space.

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GTA Online players will have to be conservative and tactical in the new Every Bullet Counts game mode, which is now available to play.

In this mode, four players will square off in a confined space, equipped with just one Marksman Pistol and two bullets each. Once you’re out of ammo, you’ll need to resort to melee attacks. To counteract players simply camping in a spot, Rockstar has implemented a feature to reveal their blip on the map if they’re stationary too long.

Every Bullet Counts features new locations, including Michael's Rockford Hills mansion and the Tequi-la-la nightclub. And to make it easier to jump straight in, Rockstar has set up a Featured Playlist, which lets players play all four maps one after another.

You can now play Every Bullet Counts in GTA Online. Rockstar will be streaming a play session of Every Bullet Counts and other Adversary Modes on Friday on both Twitch and YouTube from 5pm Eastern.

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