Thursday 20 July 2017

Gmail's about to save you time and effort through 'Smart Reply'

Smart Reply
Smart Reply

Mark O'Beirne

Google is rolling out Smart Reply to its Gmail platform on desktop. This aims to save time by providing you with automated responses to mails.

Gmail is rolling out a new feature on desktop that will help save you time when responding to e-mails.

Smart Reply scans your e-mail and suggests up to three automated responses based on the mail you wish to reply to. If one fits, you just select it and hit send. If it hits close to the mark, but needs some tweaking, you can modify the message before sending.

The feature uses machine learning, which watches how you compose e-mails in the hopes of writing more natural responses that fit your style. It’s important not to let someone know that you couldn’t set aside a few moments to jot out a response yourself.

Google released this feature on mobile last November. Those who have embraced Smart Reply through the Inbox by Gmail app will be the first to be presented with these automated responses when they use the desktop platform.

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