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Gmail now works with Yahoo...

Paul Mallon

Published 11/12/2015 | 03:59


For some reason you can now access your Gmail account through Yahoo - which helps to keep all of your email in one place

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As of right now, you can Gmail in Yahoo.

The Yahoo mail system has been updated to allow users to add their Gmail details and receive email from multiple accounts in the same place. It's a good idea for users who will have to visit just a single site instead of multiple different clients and shows a new, more integrated way companies are working together on the web.

It's also a rather strange move for the company, especially with the power of Google. Given that so many more people use Gmail, it could be seen as a way to gain some kudos and potentially garner more users by making things more convenient. Or maybe that level of service is just expected today.

Either way, Yahoo has been working hard to improve itself in recent months - mostly by clearing away a lot of the clutter around their mail client. The spring cleaning has streamlined the service significantly, something which was long overdue. It's hard to imagine many people moving over from their preferred email client but these kinds of measures can't hurt.

You can now add Gmail to Yahoo on iOS, Android and desktop.

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