Sunday 19 February 2017

Frozen Synapse 2 coming in 2016

Paul Mallon

Published 11/02/2016 | 10:03

frozen synapse 2
frozen synapse 2

Tactical title Frozen Synapse is getting a full sequel in 2016, and it sounds like the gameplay is getting opened up

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Frozen Synapse is a unique and tactically taxing turn based game from 2011 which lets players decide on all of their moves in advance without being able to see the enemy. Then its time to sit back and pray that it doesn't all go wrong.

It's a brilliant hook, brought to life with vibrant graphics and the addition of a multiplayer mode adds an extra challenge when you're done with the AI enemies. And happily, there's a sequel on the way. Developers Mode 7 Games have just launched a teaser site for the imaginatively titled Frozen Synapse 2. Click over here to give it a look.

There isn't a lot of information right now but the most interesting part is a brief description down the bottom of the page 'OPEN WORLD TACTICS.' That's quite different to the closed off levels of the first game and implies you'll have even more choice in how you do things, and even more ways to spectacularly fail and try, try, try again.

Sign up to the newsletter on the page for updates, the only word so far is that the game will be out in 2016.

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