Thursday 8 December 2016

Facebook hopes to discover new lingo before it's cool

Mark O'Beirne

Published 10/03/2016 | 09:52


Facebook has filed a patent for a system that will scan posts and comments for new slang words, which can then be compiled into a dictionary.

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Ever been confused by the appearance of words like “OMG”, “totes”, or “amazeballs” on social networks? Chances are you weren’t alone. Facebook hopes to put an end to this confusion with a system that will scan its network and pick out new slang.

This tool, according to a patent application, will look through posts and comments, analysing the language that’s used in them. It’ll keep an eye out for unique words and attempt to determine if these words have a special meaning among a certain group of people.

By doing so, it can keep an eye out for slang and stay ahead of the curve. These terms could then be added to a dictionary of slang words, so users can see what they mean. The patent adds that terms can be removed from the dictionary when they start declining in popularity.

Basically, it’ll be like a (presumably safer for work) version of Urban Dictionary that won’t require as much user input.

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