Friday 28 October 2016

Destiny's Valentine's event broken - fix on the way

Paul Mallon

Published 15/02/2016 | 12:23


Destiny players have been spending the weekend of love diving headlong into the Crimson Days challenge, but it has been a futile fight

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Have you been spending time in Destiny playing the Crimson Days challenge? Do you feel like you're not getting a whole lot for your effort? We'll you're not the only one as developers Bungie have confirmed the event is pretty much broken.

They've been hearing from players for days now and have had to come out and agree - the loot drops just aren't happening. In a blog post they've admitted it wasn't what they were expecting and will be making some changes as soon as possible. The quick version, anyone who has played seven games will get a Chocolate of Crimson Ghost. Every single player!

There's more info in the blog post

  • After the event is over, we'll deliver Ghosts to the Postmaster
  • Anyone who has competed in seven matches will receive one
  • You had to actually compete though - no suicide pacts!
  • Your Ghost will be Chocolate or Crimson - the odds are even
  • 320 Light will be guaranteed - the odds are totally in your favor
  • Packages will be addressed by account, not character
  • Qualifying players will receive their Ghost by February 23rd

So the message is - hang in there, the rewards are coming. On the other hand if you've already played enough games to qualify then also feel free to give up at this point, you're unlikely to earn much more.

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