Saturday 21 January 2017

Blind gamer beats Zelda game

Paul Mallon

Published 04/01/2016 | 11:30


An avid gamer who goes by the name MegaTgarrett on YouTube had managed to complete Ocarina of Time without being able to see

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Sometimes you might find a game too difficult and be frustrated enough that you'll turn it off. And some players seek out extraordinary challenges by playing games on high difficulty levels. But that's got nothing on YouTuber MegaTgarrett who adds an extra element into the mix. That's because he's completely blind.

The young gamer hasn't let that hold him back, with his latest digital achievement being playing and completing Zelda Ocarina of Time. Yes really.

He does it with the help of a special set up which includes two speakers to his left and right. These let him know where objects are in the game world and give him an idea of how to navigate. The other essential parts of his kit include the fact that the game is running on an emulator. That's vital because it allows him to quick save at any time and reload instantly. So every time he dies he can go back, readjust and make a tiny amount of progress.

It's a pretty amazing thing and it was completed in almost 50 videos. Here's the first when he began his journey back on the 8th of May 2011.

And then on the 2nd of January 2016 he beat the final boss after almost 5 years!

That's pretty amazing - we have to wonder what he'll do next!

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