Friday 18 August 2017

Samsung's metal gear is solid

Samsung S6
Samsung S6

With the exception of its standout 'Note' series or phones, Samsung has been on a ho-hum journey with its flagship models in the last two years. The S4 and S5 were both plastic and a little underwhelming.

But having used it for a while, there's no question that Samsung has upped its game with the new S6. It's not the power or the functionality, though both are slight improved with a default 32GB of storage and a simpler, less cluttered feel to the interface.

It's not the camera, even though the front-facing one is now a 5-megapixel 'super selfie' lens. And it's not the 5.1-inch screen, although this is beautifully crisp. It's that Samsung has redesigned the casing to replace plastic with metal. This makes it an altogether more beautiful device than any of Samsung's previous phones. It also catapults it up to the lofty heights of the iPhone 6 and HTC One in design aesthetics. For this reason, the Android smartphone category has a new best-in-class device.

Samsung S6 Price: from €700 Rating: ****

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