Tuesday 17 October 2017

Gadget guide: Dyson Eye 360

We all know the robots are coming for our jobs, slowly but surely.

But vacuuming is one gig we’d be happy to hand over to our mechanical “friends”. In typical Dyson fashion, its entry in the field of robo-vacs comes at a high price.

But for people with minimum spare time and maximum income, the Dyson Eye 360 performs a menial task with Teutonic efficiency, ruthlessly combing your floors for dirt either on command or on a schedule. Its 360-degree camera and caterpillar tracks enable it navigate the most awkward of home layouts.

Charge Time2.45 hours
Run time45 minutes
Wi FiCompatible with 2.4GHz home WiFi
DimensionsH 120 x L 240 x W230
Cleaner headCarbon fibre floor tool

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