Monday 26 June 2017

Budget isn't particularly cheap for LG Gpad tablet

The LG GPad 7
The LG GPad 7
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

LG GPad 7 Tablet. Price: €180, from Harvey Norman. Rating: ****

I'm not one for budget tablets. I don't buy the line that they're 'starter' devices any more than a Mars bar is 'starter' food or a dial-up telephone line is a 'starter' internet service. Happily, LG's GPad 7 tablet doesn't get bogged down in this euphemistic trap, regardless of its marketing.

The GPad 7 doesn't match higher-end, more expensive machines such as Samsung's 8-inch S Tab (€400) or LG's own 8-inch GPad device (€300). All of these are slimmer, more powerful and more slickly designed than the GPad.

However, LG's tablet out-classes its own similarly-priced rivals in many ways. Its quadcore processor is rare among machines in this price range, while it also has a few handy LG software add-ons that link your tablet to your phone, if you so wish. The 7-inch screen is decent, but not outstanding.

While its closest quality competitor is probably Google's Nexus 7, its lesser storage memory (8GB to the Nexus 7's 16GB and 32GB) is a compromise made in favour of a €40 price difference. For a budget tablet, this is probably as good as they come.

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