Sunday 22 October 2017

All work and no play for HP's PC


HP Z1 (G2) Price: €3,500 Rating: ****

Want an affordable family PC that can do a bit of everything? Look elsewhere. The 27-inch Z1 is more Arnold Schwarzenegger than Ryan Gosling. The all-in-one touchscreen PC is designed to handle as much heavy lifting as you can throw at it, with an engine that rips through complicated graphics and computing tasks. As such, this is pitched more toward businesses.

However, with its 'modularity' (which means you can take it apart and beef up individual bits as you please), gamers would also get a lot out of it. It's hard to see how much more muscle you could cram in here: there's an enterprise-grade Xeon processor with a whopping 16GB (and up to 32GB) of Ram humming under the hood.

You won't want to be shifting this about too much as it weighs a hefty 21kg. But for such a powerful device, HP has done a good job at keeping it relatively sleek as an 'all-in-one' machine.

Irish Independent

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