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Sunday 20 August 2017

On the Surface, Microsoft has a winner

Microsoft Surface
Microsoft Surface
Adrian Weckler

Adrian Weckler

This is probably the laptop-tablet hybrid machine that Microsoft should have made from the beginning, instead of messing around with so-called 'RT' and 'Pro' versions.

The Surface 3 comes as close to a really good mass-market laptop as Microsoft has yet produced. It's a perfectly sized (11-inch) machine which is very light and very slim.

Its modest (Intel Atom) chip is offset by an excellent touchscreen and high-end speakers that make it an excellent device for Netflix, photos and other video use. (If you want to get into photo or video editing, you'd be better off spending an extra €120 on the more powerful Surface Pro 3.)

With 64GB of storage memory, it's made to run Windows 10, the next version of Windows (without the annoying default 'tiles'). As such, it can run the same software and connect to the same external hardware as any normal laptop.

It doesn't have quite as many ports and connections as some similarly-priced laptops. Also, if you're buying it for its tablet qualities, there aren't as many apps available as for iPads or Android tablets.

Surface 3

Price: from €610 Rating: ****

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