Thursday 23 March 2017

Hackers knock Twitter offline with attack on obscure firm

Raphael Satter in New York

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

Cyberattacks on a little-known internet firm repeatedly disrupted the availability of popular websites such as Twitter and Netflix last night.

Members of a hacker group spread across China and Russia claimed responsibility.

New Hampshire-based Dyn said its server infrastructure was hit by distributed denial-of-service attacks, which work by overwhelming targeted machines with junk data traffic. The attack had knock-on effects for users trying to access popular websites from across America and even in Europe, affecting sites such as Twitter, Netflix, Visa and PayPal.

Dyn provides internet traffic management and optimisation services to some of the biggest names on the web.

Jason Read, of internet performance monitoring firm CloudHarmony, said his company tracked a half-hour-long disruption in which roughly half of all end users would have found it impossible to access various websites.

A second attack spread the problem to Europe.

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