Saturday 22 July 2017

Girl (8) appeals for return of notebook signed by her favourite You Tube star at GamerCon

Ned and Ali with Ali A
Ned and Ali with Ali A
Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

A devastated eight-year-old girl has appealed for the return of a notebook which her favourite You Tube star signed at Dublin's GamerCon.

Ali Kelly arrived at the event at the Convention Centre with her parents and her 10-year-old brother Ned on Sunday morning.

The young gaming fan queued for almost five hours to get to meet Ali A, an online gamer who has amassed over eight million subscribers to his channel.

"The kids missed loads of the other events that were going on as they waited in the queue for Ali A," mum Lisa Hughes Kelly told

The lost notebook
The lost notebook

"When they got to the top of the line, those four hours and 40 minutes just melted away and that was it for them; a lifetime of memories.

"Ali and Ned stayed with Ali A for about one minute and he was just great with them; so nice."

Young Ali had drawn a Pikachu character on the front of the blue notebook as she knew her idol liked Pokemon. Ali A signed the small notepad, which also contained a message from the girl saying, "My name is Ali too".

By the time the meet and greet was over, there was just ten minutes left of the convention so the children ran to the console room to make the most of the time.

"She was just so hyper after meeting Ali A that she couldn't stop talking to me about it; then she was down the stairs and in the console room for the last few games," mum Lisa said.

"Ali jumped up and changed consoles and, by the time I made it into the room myself and asked her where the notepad was, it was gone.

Ali A signing the notebook
Ali A signing the notebook

"It wasn't left down unsupervised for more than two minutes."

Lisa and her husband Martin have praised the staff and security and the Convention Centre who let them look around for the notepad after the event had closed.

Despite their "brilliant efforts", the keepsake with autograph was not found.

"I know this may seem so trivial to so many people out there but for my daughter it is totally devastating," Lisa said.

"We really appreciate the kindness of people sharing the story - it's really putting a smile on her face."

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