Tuesday 26 September 2017

'Joseph of Nazareth' tweets Nativity

Matthew Day

On hearing the unexpected news of Mary’s pregnancy Joseph, via the account @joseph_von_naza, tweeted that he "didn’t sleep a wink all night" and that he had contemplated leaving her.

But he accepted his fate, and has now become accustomed to the fact that he will soon be a father.

“I’ve decided to stay with Mary,” he tweeted on December 8. “I trust her even though she can’t explain how it happened.”

In another tweet he said, with a touch of irony: “I’ve even done the maths. If the baby is born soon it will be a Capricorn. I’m Gemini and Mary is a Virgo.”

The anonymous user already has thousands of followers, with his account becoming increasingly active as December 25 approaches.

“We’ve heard the story a thousand times, but nobody ever thought what Joseph felt about the whole thing,” he wrote on his profile page.


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