Thursday 17 April 2014

New app introduced for Irish and Sunday Independent

Here's a new way to experience the news - the app for the Irish Independent and Sunday Independent.

"The Irish Independent and Sunday Independent iPad Edition is a new dynamic and interactive way of experiencing the news," said editor-in-chief Stephen Rae.

"It allows us to set the agenda in new and exciting ways.

Now more than ever Ireland needs quality, trusted journalism.

Here at Independent News and Media we pride ourselves in fearless news reporting and award winning investigative journalism – taking the time to seek out and break the big stories.

While the core principles of our role has not changed, the way in which we deliver the news has.

Independent News and Media is Ireland’s leading digital news provider and home to Ireland’s largest newsroom – a platform agnostic newsroom where our team of dedicated journalists deliver print, video, digital content across all our titles."


Stephen Rae